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Repetitive facial movement causes expression lines and wrinkles to...

Eau La La Magical Peeling Gel

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Eau LaLa Magical Peeling Liquid Gel Aqua Base Chia....


Stink Positive Empowering Beauty Bar

Tawas. Lemon. Curcuma. Anti-bacterial. Anti-microbial. Deodorizes. ¬†Brightening. Increases Radiance.   Is your stink letting you down? Smell like a...

What's in our products? Know about the fantastic ingredients we use and why we chose 'em!

Strawberry Begonia

Strawberry Begonia brightens and evens out pigmentation.
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Skullcap root extract

Skullcap root extract protects against damage to fibroblasts. It will treat mild to moderate outbreaks of acne on the face.
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Don’t put the FRIGHT in the night! We’re all about dressing up for Halloween… but it doesn’t mean you... Read More