Snoe White Extra Strength Glutathione Whitening Powder Mask

₱ 349.00
SKU: 4393-01

2 part kit, powder and solution for face and body

Helps achieve fairer and smoother skin

Perfect to uneven skin tone


In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon powder with 2 tablespoons (1 powder : 2 solution ratio) solution until creamy consistency

Start with a clean skin and apply an appropriate amount on desired areas, avoiding eye and lip areas

Leave on for 15 minutes until fully dry

Rinse off with warm water

Apply your moisturizing or whitening cream

For best results, use with Snoe White line


Recommended frequency (once a week)

Can also be mixed with evaporated milk for smoother skin, 1 box is good for the whole body


Glutathione- DNA synthesis and skin repair, Anti- oxidant, Revitalize, reduce signs of aging, skin dullness, blemishes. Evens out and whitens skin.

Niacinamide- reduce water loss in the skin and retain fatty acid levels (younger, plumper, firmer skin), effective acne reducer, skin lightening

Vitamin C- Anti Oxididant that promotes skin radiance and repair, Brightens complexion.

Grape Seed Oil- contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants.