SABStance High Intensity Powder Blush X2 Patience

₱ 899.00
SKU: 14552-01

A woman of SABS-tance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning! Express yourself with SABS-tance High Intensity Powder Blush which gives a burst of color that gives the cheeks a fresh and glowing look all day! Wear it alone or pair it with other Snoe blush-on products for a multi-dimensional effect.


strong>Amazonian Clay - minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. It helps nourish and hydrate dry skin and restore complexion harmony.

strong>Pomegranate –contains antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that encourage radiant skin.

strong>Acerola Cherry- contains the highest level of Vitamin C that can easily be absorbed by the body.  It has a high content of polyphenols, some of which are unique to this fruit.

strong>Acai Berry- most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world.  It contains the highest level of antioxidants compared to any other fruit.

strong>Sabs Hernandez- Internationally-trained professional makeup artist.Beauty blogger.YouTube Makeup Adviser.