Past Present & The Future Bio Marine + Vegetable Facial In A Jar

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Past Present & The Future

Bio Marine+ Vegetable

Facial in a Jar

Mud Exfoliator Masque

Instant Tense- Lift- Protect

Positive long- term results

Repetitive facial movements cause expression lines and wrinkles to form. Enter the time space warp and make wrinkles, dull skin and hyperpigmentation a thing of the past!  Facial in a Jar is designed to achieve the glow you want in 10 minutes, just like when you get a professional facial treatment. It will provide gentle resurfacing exfoliation to give your skin better texture and tighter pores!



Bio Marine Complexthat will:

TENSE- tightens facial expressions and helps prevent new lines from forming.

LIFT- acts in as fast as 5 minutes and will last for several hours to lift the years off.

PROTECT- creates a protective barrier against environmental aggressors.


Broccoli – contains phytochemicals that help reduce inflammation and detoxify skin. It contains vitamin C, natural malic, lactic and citric acid. Also contains a high level of vitamin K that will improve skin elasticity and under eye circles.

Tomato- contains lycopene and antioxidants that help brighten the skin and fight cell damage.

Pumpkin- protects against sunburn. It contains wrinkle-fighting beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E andvitamin A to boost skin cell turnover.

Cucumber- reduces the appearance of dark circles, treats puffy eyes and creates radiant skin.