Hyperfunction Luxe Beaute Bar + Pulp

₱ 899.00
SKU: 10797-01

Escargot. Broccoli. Acai Berry.

Regenerates. Whitening. Anti-oxidant. Flawless Finish. Protection.

A luxurious skin bar for that indulgent bath time experience! This

feel-good formula is extra emollient to “melt” into skin and creates

a creamy foam to give your skin a supple and healthy glow.


Escargot- Repairs damaged skin cells, boost production of collagen and elastin, anti-bacterial, scar repair, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory
Broccoli- Contains phytochemicals that will help reduce inflammation, and detoxify your skin. It contains twice the vitamin C of a lemon that will whiten and also acts as an antioxidant energy agent. It contains natural lactic, malic and citric acid and contains a high level of vitamin K, which will improve skin elasticity and improve under eye circles.
Acai- Most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world. Contains highest level of antioxidants, higher than any fruit.