Glam Jam Lip And Cheek Plumper Tint Strawberry

₱ 599.00
SKU: 17076-001

The new Snoe GLAM JAM Lip & Cheek Plumper Tint is a long-lasting lip & cheek plumper with instant and lasting results for bigger pouts and higher cheekbones while minimizing lines and 
wrinkles on and around the lip and cheek area. It will correct, bring volume and moisturize where it is needed!

Beta-Glucan a skin-conditioning agent 
derived from mushrooms that has better moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid.
Acerola Cherry contains high levels of Vitamin 
C to increase radiance for that continuous glow.
Escargot heals and helps with skin regeneration.

Dab onto lips or cheeks. Blend using clean fingertips. Reapply for added intensity.