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High Grade Pure Emu Oil + Acai Berry + Singkamas

Net wt. 1.86 fl. oz. / 55 grams

br />Anti- wrinkle. Anti-oxidant. Hypoallergenic. 
Anti- inflammatory. Damage Repair
Skin regenerator . Skin repair.
Skin protection .Moisturizing.
Non-comedogenic. Whitening
Anti- bacterial. 
Pain Management.
100% Beautiful skin

Emu Oil Vitamin E- Anti Oxidant, healing agent
Vitamin A- Skin repairer, anti oxidant
Linoleic acid- ease muscles aches, join pain, skin cell regenerator, anti wrinkle
Sapogens- Skin softeners
Terpines- antiseptics
Acai Berry Most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world. Contains highest level of antioxidants, higher than any fruit. 
Essential fatty acids- Promotes skin cell health, Prevents acne, Helps with cellulite
Omega 6 & Omega 9- Glowing skin, Healthy nails and hair. 
Phytosterols- Anti- irritation, Anti- inflammation, Repair and condition Damaged skin. 
Vitamin C - promote skin radiance and repair
( Bengkoang) Prevent skin pigmentation and lightens skin. 

Apply a small amount of the oil on to the desired area and rub gently in small circles into your skin. It Can be used with other EMU.THOLOGY products. Store in a dry cool place, Do not leave packaging open.
Pure Emu is used on this product and is AEA Certified