Don't Worry Bee Happy Barre De Beaute

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Don’t Worry BEE HAPPY
barre de beauté
Bee Venom, Kefir, Lactobacilli 
Skin Balancing. Anti -Aging. Whitening
br />The 1st of its kind! Don’t worry BEE happy will help restore your skin’s healthy radiance. Live life to the fullest by bringing back balance to your skin. Look stress-free because don’t worry be happy makes you feel carefree! 

Contains buzzzzz-worthy ingredients: 

Bee venom – it ‘fools’ the skin into thinking that it has been lightly stung with the toxin melittin. This causes the body to direct blood towards the area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to smooth, lift and tighten the skin.

Fermented kefir - a natural antioxidant. It keeps the skin youthful and glowing. It helps prevent acne, psoriasis and wrinkles. 

Probiotics lactobacilli - add ‘friendly’ bacteria to the cells to improve the skin's protective mechanism against stress-induced environmental damage. By helping to protect the cells, skin remains elastic, resilient and immune to inflammation.