Body Wonderland Leg Cooling Gel

₱ 899.00
SKU: 7378-01

This silky, cooling leg gel relieves even the heaviest and most tired of legs, leaving them happily refreshed and light. Made with ingredients to cool and boost circulation, tone, slenderize, and nourish, this cream-gel is a perfect all-in-one product for all frequent and long-distance travelers, people who stand for long periods of time, or simply to keep your legs smooth, light and energized.

Irish Moss - made up of many mineral nutrients. It works as a skin softener and used to treat inflamed tissues.

Black pepper - will increase circulation, flushing away the toxins that are often a cause of sore muscles. It can help improve poor muscle tone by bringing more blood flow to out-of-shape muscles.
Horse Chesnut – is an astringent, anti-inflammatory herb that helps to tone the vein walls which, when slack or distended, may become varicose, haemorrhoidal or otherwise problematic. It also reduces fluid retention by increasing the permeability of the capillaries and allowing the reabsorption of excess fluid back into the circulatory system.

Butchers Broom- can help reduce venous insufficiency-related pain, cramps, heaviness, itching and swelling in the legs.

Gotu Kola- It improves the flow of blood while strengthening the veins and capillaries. It will also help to minimize scarring.

Coffee- contains caffeine to firm and tighten skin. Dehydrates fatty cells so that water will disappear from the surface of the skin. Cellulite will be minimized and skin looks smoother overall.