Beauty Talk

  1. Why did Snoe create 12 variants of whitening soaps?
    We believe that whitening is for everybody. Each beauty concern is unique from one another that is why we created different varieties for every individual to address their skin concerns.  
  2. How would I know which is the best beauty bar for me?
    We created a chart that can be a guide for you to check and validate every skin concern.  
  3. Why do I need to leave the soap on for 2 minutes?
    Snoe beauty bars are created with potent, high quality ingredients to make the most out of its effectiveness for faster and immediate results. You will reach the most favorable results when left on, hastening the peeling and whitening process.  
  4. Will it dry my skin?
    Some beauty bars will dry your skin and some won’t. It depends on the level of skin whitening you want to achieve. Most of the soaps will exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin to reveal your new skin, for a smoother and even-toned complexion. For favorable results, follow up with Snoe Body Ritual Recipes with Body Icing.  
  5. I am an athlete and go under the sun because of my activities. Can I still whiten my skin?
    Yes, you may. Protection is key to the concern. Apply an SPF -30 sun block (or even higher) as defence against the sun’s harmful rays. Although any skin whitening product will make your skin sensitive to the sun, the secret to achieving and maintaining your skin’s even complexion is to keep re-applying sun block at least every hour to ensure that your skin is protected at all times.  
  6. Do I still need to put an SPF lotion even if I am indoors all the time?
    Yes, you do. The indoor lights, computer screens and television to name a few will still emit UV rays that will darken and damage your skin. UV rays also penetrate through tinted cars and a cloudy day does not save you from its harmful rays. This is why we have enriched our products with at least SPF-15 as we recognize this need.  
  7. My man has uneven skin/acne scars. How can Snoe White help in minimizing the size of his pores?
    Our genes have a lot to do with the size of our pores. By using Snoe beauty bars, it will unclog and cleanse the pores, making it appear smaller and skin clearer. We suggest the Calamansi and Citronella beauty bars for this skin type. It will also help in lightening and eventually removing the acne marks.  
  8. I am pregnant and have skin darkening on some areas such as my neck, underarms and stomach. Is it safe to use and what Snoe beauty bar should I use?
    We highly suggest that you use either of the following: our Oatmeal, Green or Orange Papaya and Calamansi beauty bars, for these are mild and organic and never harmful to an expecting mother.  For dry skin, the Oatmeal’s moisturizing properties will help relieve dryness, restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance and aid in healing minor irritations. It will also prevent stretch marks as it moisturizing the skin as it continues to stretch. Calamansi and Papain extracts are known an astringent that effectively whitens the skin.  
  9. What age is appropriate to use your soap?
    The oatmeal soap can be used as early as 7 years old and above. For those in puberty, the Licorice soap can be used. The organic soaps such as the Green papaya can also be used. For safety precautions, test a small area of the skin first and wait for 24 hours to see if rashes will appear. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and consult a dermatologist.  
  10. I don’t want to lighten my skin because I enjoy tanning. I find darker skin more appealing. Can I still use your soap?
    Yes. Remember that the sun is the number cause of hyper pigmentation. We may be enjoying the sun-kissed glow now, but the effect of sun damage that will give you fine lines and wrinkles manifests as we get older. It’s always best to keep our skin protected, nourished and maintained.  
  11. I am already fair; can I still lighten my skin?
    Yes, you still can. Remember that over time, our skin tone changes due to the environmental damage that causes it to darken. You need to exfoliate regularly to reveal a smoother and whiter skin to maintain its natural beauty. Your skin not only becomes lighter, but evens out the skin tone and gives it a radiant and brighter appearance.  
  12. Why will I choose to buy Snoe White beauty bar instead of other brands?
    Because Snoe White uses only the best quality ingredients such as coconut oil mixed with high quality ingredients. We also make bigger soaps at 150 grams as compared to other beauty bars. You get your money’s worth and you can be assured that we will not produce a low quality soap that will short-change you.  
  13. Where can I purchase Snoe White Beauty bars?
    Snoe can be bought on-line. Check the store and outlet locations through our link. Or you may call: 0920-9137062